The BMI® basic hardfacing electrodes without slag provide a smooth deposit composed with a high proportion of primary chromium carbides which are evenly bonded with a tough matrix. Welded metal is not machinable.
High yield and very fast welding.
Suitable for the hardfacing of alloyed or unalloyed construction steels subject to severe abrasion.
Mainly used for screws in the ceramic industry and cement work.

hardfacing electrodes


References BMI-W-SE 63
Diameter (mm) 3,2 4,0
Length (mm) 350 350
Current (A) 90-140 120-180
Weight / 1000 u (kg) 58,4 88,6
Packaging – kg/box 2 & 4 2 & 4


DC or AC – OCV ± 60V.