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Our Basic coated hard facing electrodes have a very high efficiency (190%). Their carbon and chromium content gives the deposit exceptional abrasion resistance: the wear resistance of the hard-faced parts with the BMI® electrodes can be up to 50 times greater than conventional electrode with identical hardness.

Ferritic matrix with chromium carbide, moderate impact resistance. Weld in 1 or 2 layers maximum, smooth fusion, good spreading of the metal, non-existent slag, very smooth weld bead.

For all parts subject to low or moderate impacts where very high abrasion resistance is required.

“Machinable” only by grinding. The formation of cracks on deposited metal is normal for this kind of deposit and is not detrimental to service performance.

Applications: Hard facing of screws, “mixing paddles”, abrasive material pump body, “bucket teeth”, mineral material crushing installations, concrete pumps, ore crushers, “plowshares”, soil breakers, screw presses for bricks, hard plates …

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