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Flexible cords

The BMI® hard facing cord is a flexible continuous electrode, made of a nickel core wire and a thick coating consisting of a high nickel alloy matrix enveloping grains of ground or spherical tungsten carbides of different sizes.

During the deposit, the matrix (nickel-based powder) and the nickel core wire merge like a braze and envelop the tungsten carbide grains which form a compact coating bound to the support.

This deposit, combining ground (grains) or spherical (sphere) tungsten carbide and high strength braze, can be used in various industries where abrasion problems are an issue.

BMI® products respond perfectly to all the demands of these industries: the clay industry (brick, tile factories), the drilling industry, agro-industry, mines and quarries, energy, cement industry, steel industry.

BMI® cords are very easy to use, but if you need help our teams are available to assist you in their use.

50 More than 50 years of experience
FR Products made in France
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